Five Things You Didn’t Know About making $75 Every Day

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{Simple Guidance on How To Get Started With No Skills, No Finances & No Audience}

In this article, I’ll show you a way for increasing traffic to your affiliate links and landing pages right now so you can start earning money in the next few days. One of the things I like about this strategy is that it is completely free to begin with.

This method is also simple to implement. To use this strategy, you don’t need a lot of abilities or a lot of expertise with affiliate marketing or any other type of online marketing.

The general idea of this method is that you will first choose a niche, a product to promote in that niche, and then use free traffic sources to grow your audience and sales organically.

Now, choosing your niche is quite simple, and I will not spend much time on this since most entrepreneurs online already teach this. However, you must pick the right one. One major mistake most beginner affiliate marketers make is choosing a broad niche. They believe that the bigger the audience is, the more sales and conversions they will make. This is not the case. You want to choose a very narrow niche, target a specific group of people, and fall under one of these three categories: health, wealth, and relationships. For instance, your specialty could be “Affiliate Marketing for Stay At Home Moms” or “Making Money Online For Teenagers,” for example. Something unique. Also, make sure you chose something you enjoy and is interesting to you.

Selecting a Product
Now that we’ve determined your specialty, it’s time to decide what you’ll market!

The Big Three: Warrior+, JVZoo and Clickbank. I’m sure you’ve all heard of them. The issue is that the majority of the products on these platforms are pure garbage and are typically low-ticket. Because anyone may sign up and promote any random product on these sites, the products tend to be of lower quality. I’m not saying you shouldn’t promote things from Warrior+, JVZoo and Clickbank or other similar sites; I’m just saying you should always do your homework and find the highest-quality products that fit your niche and that your target audience is eager to buy. When looking for items or affiliate programs to advertise, I recommend conducting a Google search for “Best affiliate programs for ,” “Recurring affiliate programs for ,” or “High ticket affiliate programs for .” You’ll come across some outstanding businesses that offer exceptional products or services, which you can subsequently advertise to your target market. I am confident that you will find something of excellent quality. Almost every company in the world, whether it’s Microsoft, Netflix, or a generic internet retailer like Shopify, has an affiliate network.

Source of Traffic
You lack a website, an email list, a YouTube channel, and a blog. So, how are you going to get people to buy your product or grow your audience? The simplest option is to pick a platform with existing traffic and use it to promote your product. As a result, Quora is the perfect place for this.

Quora is the most well-known and greatest Q&A site on the Internet; it consistently ranks first in Google searches and receives over 500 million monthly visitors. To get strong conversions, you should aim for at least 10,000 views per month and follow this strategy for at least one or two months. What method are you employing? This is accomplished via offering value. On Quora, people are continually asking questions, and your job is to respond with the best answer you can. You want to answer 10 questions each day (and mention your links in two to three of them to avoid being flagged as a spammer by Quora), and you want those replies to rank.

Here are four pointers to help you write a better response:

Make use of images. Quora and Quora users alike prefer responses that include photos or pictures.

Make use of bullet lists. Bullet points are short and easy to read, and they inform the audience exactly what they need to know in less words.

Get To The Point More Effortlessly. People despise reading fluff; they have an issue to address, and they want a clear, simple solution.

Make use of keywords. Your audience will notice that you are directly facing the question and the topic at hand if you use the keywords in the question numerous times throughout your answer(s).

I understand that many of you aren’t total specialists in your field and will encounter questions concerning it that you are unfamiliar with. The remedy is to look it up on the internet! Google the topic, discover the answer, and then repeat it in your Quora answers, mentioning your affiliate product as a possible solution. That is one of the most appealing aspects of affiliate marketing. You learn something new about your niche while also assisting your target audience in resolving their problems, all while adding value to the world.

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