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Libero Financial Is an Automatic Staking and Compounding Protocol

Libero Financial, a pioneer in financial freedom, is a DeFi 3.0 auto staking
and auto compounding protocol that operates on the BNB Chain and pays yield to its holders in dual rewards: BUSD and LIBERO coins.

The team confirmed that marketcap soared from a $5million to a $100 million market cap in just 20 days.

What is Libero Financial

Libero Financial is a fixed APY automatic staking and compounding protocol on BSC. The auto staking protocol aims to transform the DeFi sector with its
innovative Treasury algorithm that leverages an automatic buyback and burn to support the price and create sustainable trading volumes.

Delivering a 2.02% daily interest, auto-compounding to a fixed 158,893.59% APY for all holders, Libero Financial has achieved multiple milestones since its launch in January and shows no signs of slowing down.

According to data from prominent crypto tracking website Coinmarketcap, the project has built a robust community of 100k+ holders and a $112M market cap with a healthy bullish chart.

The major token for the farming-as-a-service initiative, as well as its Fantom-based twin, are currently trending on Dextools, the most widely used software for decentralized market data. For the first time, the Libero
Treasury has exceeded the $8 million milestones.

About Libero Financial

Launched in January of 2022, Libero has made significant inroads in DeFi with its ability to deliver the highest stable coin passive income across all blockchains. The platform has also emerged as the first and only fixed APY
project to pass an audit by Certik, the world’s top smart contract security

What Is Libero Bank

To obtain the xLIBERO token as a receipt, you must lock LIBERO in the LIBERO Bank for a length of time ranging from one day to four years.

The longer you lock, the more xLIBERO you’ll get in proportion. A four-year lock will result in a 1:1 conversion of Libero to xLIBERO.

Every day, simply holding xLIBERO earns you BUSD rewards. These amounts are calculated based on your proportional percentage of the total xLIBERO in circulation; this percentage grants you proportional access to the funds accumulated from the pool collected from the 7% LIBERO trading volume, accumulated from the buy and sell tax.

In addition, you will continue to get the daily LIBERO interest of 1.02 percent (auto-compounding to 4,037.2 percent APY). This means that if you lock your Libero for four years, you’ll get your money back in just 69 days.


Buy & Hold {2.02% daily interest, auto-compounding to a fixed 158,893.59% APY}

Libero Bank {1.02 percent daily interest, auto-compounding to 4,037.2 percent APY and BUSD passive income from 7% transaction volume}

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