$500 Monthly With POSI

Depending on whatever pool you choose to invest your POSI token, you can earn up to 1,000% APR.

  • Select the MENU ICON
  • Choose the pool where you wish to put your POSI token.
  • A variety of options to pick from (Pool, Farm, NFT and Trading)
  • To stake a single pool, choose the pool, approve POSI Staking, input the POSI to stake, and stake it.
  • Choose Farm, approve the POSI farm, generate an LP token pair (see how to make an LP token), add your LP, and begin farming.
  • To participate in the NFT Pool, purchase NFTs, approve POSI NFTs, pick NFTs, and stake.

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caroline carr

caroline carr

Cryptocurrency, Finance & Entrepreneur Writer. Contact: carolinecarr56@gmail.com