$500 Monthly With POSI

If you’re new to crypto, you might not realize the vast array of possibilities given by Position Exchange {POSI}.

But allow me to convey it to you in a few words.

What is Position Exchange and how does it work?

It’s nothing more than a decentralized exchange. As a result, you can trade any cryptocurrency on Position Exchange. You can think of it more as a decentralized Binance. That implies you won’t have to buy your cryptos from other platforms like PancakeSwap.

What exactly is POSI Token?

The native token of the Position Exchange ecosystem is POSI. You begin your Position Exchange investment by owning some POSI tokens. You can own as many POSI as you like.

What Is the Best Way to Purchase POSI?

On the Position Exchange App, you can buy POSI. You can buy POSI tokens with your Trustwallet or Metamask wallet or clicking Position Exchange

On PancakeSwap, POSI is also available. However, the easiest location to buy POSI, in my opinion, is on the Position Exchanger App.

How Would POSI Help You Make Money?

Position Exchange’s ecosystem includes numerous items that can help you earn more POSI. Here are a handful that are currently in use.

- Staking Pool POSI

- Farm POSI LP


- NFT Marketplace POSI

- Derivatives Trading Protocol (POSI)

Depending on whatever pool you choose to invest your POSI token, you can earn up to 1,000% APR.

You will immediately begin earning additional POSI if you follow the steps to stake your POSI in any of the pools offered on the App. You can also harvest your earnings, sell them, and deposit the proceeds in your bank account.

Steps to Earn From POSI

  • Select the MENU ICON
  • Choose the pool where you wish to put your POSI token.
  • A variety of options to pick from (Pool, Farm, NFT and Trading)
  • To stake a single pool, choose the pool, approve POSI Staking, input the POSI to stake, and stake it.
  • Choose Farm, approve the POSI farm, generate an LP token pair (see how to make an LP token), add your LP, and begin farming.
  • To participate in the NFT Pool, purchase NFTs, approve POSI NFTs, pick NFTs, and stake.

How to Earn $500 monthly
With 2.73% interest rate and capital of 500usd you will receive 600usd monthly.
You can start with as little as 100usd but it would take you approximately 3months reach 500usd monthly passively


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